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I came in with leg pain and taking 8 oxycodone a day. In a few weeks I have felt great and am taking no meds. My exam showed postural stress and misalignment and since Dr. Hendrickson started helping me they have improved also. I highly recommend Discover Life Chiropractic and Dr. Hendrickson.

- Joe Allen

Tacoma WA Chiropractic Clinic

It is wise decision to find a Tacoma chiropractic center to treat your needs. Getting treated by a Tacoma, WA, chiropractic clinic will provide you with great results and get you feeling better fast. All of us at the Tacoma chiropractic clinic are convinced that we can provide the most appropriate treatment plan for you. So give us a call today and let's schedule some time to provide you with the initial exam at our Tacoma, Washington, chiropractic clinic. We can't wait to meet you and your family at our Tacoma chiropractic facility; we know that you'll be happy you chose us.

In case you are wondering, here are some things to anticipate on your initial visit to our Tacoma chiropractic center. You will be required to complete some simple paperwork at our Tacoma chiropractic clinic which will tell us about your condition, your history, your insurance provider, etc. After the staff collects all of the necessary forms at our Tacoma, WA, chiropractic clinic, your next interaction will be with the doctor who will perform the initial exam to diagnose your problem. After the initial diagnosis is completed, the chiropractor at our Tacoma chiropractic facility will devise a personalized treatment plan for your specific condition.

With the treatment plan outlined, pre-determined appointments will booked at our Tacoma chiropractic center so that we are marking your progress each step of the way. During each step of the process, our staff at our Tacoma, WA chiropractic clinic will keep you posted on how you are doing and work with you to get you feeling better as quickly as possible. If you follow the strategy completely at our Tacoma chiropractic offices, there's no question you will be happy with the outcome of our treatments. Of course, our staff at the Tacoma, WA chiropractic clinic is always available to answer any questions you may have.

As your condition subsides and you get back to great health, the team at our Tacoma chiropractic center still has work to do. We want you to remain healthy after you've completed your treatments. That's why our Tacoma, WA, chiropractic clinic staff will help you with methods in making healthy decisions. We at the Tacoma chiropractic facility want to see you healthy and happy for as long as possible! We would also like to see you sharing the opportunity to improve health with your family at our Tacoma chiropractic center.

Hopefully you've found our Tacoma chiropractic center to be the right place for treatment for your condition. Book your first appointment today and let us show you the way to better health!

(253) 238-9820